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ODOO ERP Spesialis & Pengembang Web, Android – iOS

The key to success in creating an application system is sophisticated planning. Focusing on the issues at hand, Arsky provides a variety of digitally integrated, practical solutions. Focusing on the problem at hand, Arsky offers a variety of effective solutions implemented in digital concepts.

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Arsky was established in 2018 in the city of Tangerang as one of the creative industry companies in the field of Information Technology. It aspires to become the best IT company in Indonesia by providing the website development services, cellular applications, software, and enterprise resource planning systems required in this digital age. In addition to offering IT services, we can also serve as consultants for people, businesses, and governments.

Under the aegis of PT Arsky Net Solusi, which is comprised of competent and skilled personnel in their respective professions, Arsky consistently generates exclusive and appropriate products, thereby fostering its development into an autonomous and company ’s products and services.

Prioritizing a global range of services and focusing on good service quality, quality control, and warranty, as well as reaction speed, we strive to provide partners with the finest service possible.

With our assistance, you will be guided through the most efficient procedure for building, producing, and employing technology that meets your precise requirements. Technology that facilitates your work, boosts your productivity, and ensures a profit gain. This experience is the reason why our partners and customers continue to trust Arsky after so many years.

Corporate Values


To be a trustworthy and dependable organization.


In terms of the requirements of information and communication technology systems, partners’ needs are quickly fulfilled, run, and realized.


Our products can always be improved on further.

Arsky’s Vision & Mission


Delivering the highest quality service that surpasses customer expectations. In addition to helping partners of Arsky improve their businesses.


  1. Making Arsky one of the top Indonesian IT firms.
  2. Providing a welcoming work field for persons in need of developing their ideas, skills, character, and experience.
  3. • Continue to develop industrial technology products that assist Arsky’s business partners.
  4. Contributing to Indonesia through enhancing the quality of human resources in industrial technology.

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